Since MetalTalk was launched eleven years ago, we’ve dealt with countless PR companies from all over the world and we’ve got to know the different ways they have of working, along with the many variations in style and presentation.

We’ve also got to know a significant number of artists who we believe should be more successful than they actually are and of the several reasons this could be case, the number one recurring theme is insufficient or inadequate PR.

We have a solution to this as we are now able to take your campaign to the right PR company for your requirements. Our PR partners are the very best in their territories – UK, Europe, Los Angeles – and have managed long-term successful campaigns for the very biggest names in rock and Metal.

Whether you require a full three month PR campaign for a tour or release, a database mailout to a comprehensive list of media contacts, or a bespoke campaign designed specifically for your success, there is no longer any need to take a shot in the dark when it comes to this crucial aspect of your project. Just contact us via the form at the bottom of this page and we will discuss your requirements and make our recommendations.

The very best and most effective PR services throughout UK, Europe and North America are available through MetalTalk. We can organise a co-ordinated campaign in all three territories or the focus can be on just one – it’s entirely your choice.

You may also want to consider how our innovative and hugely successful promotional campaigns work. Check them out here.

Contact us and let’s talk about your forthcoming campaign; we’ll work out exactly what we can do to make your campaign a success. This could be the difference you need.